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Wixly's mission

Wixly puts entrepreneurs in touch with potential partners, investors and mentors in Belgium and in Luxembourg. Whether you are at the creation, launch or growth phase of your project, our smart matchmaking allows you to extend your personal network and to meet potential business partners who correspond the best to your needs.

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The advantages of Wixly

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Complete your profile on Wixly in a few minutes thanks to all the multiple choice fields

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Wixly puts you in touch with partners in Belgium or in Luxembourg, or with ones who have a particular interest for our countries

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You only disclose the information you want regarding your identity and your projects

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Your safety on Wixly is one of our top priorities. Any suspicious profile that is subject to a complaint will be removed


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About Wixly's founders

Aurian de Potter

Aurian de Potter

Software Engineer

Delphine De Wulf

Delphine De Wulf

Managing Director

Anthony Dechamps

Anthony Dechamps

Software Engineer

When she was 24 years old, after writing her final thesis at the ICHEC, Delphine De Wulf created 'Crawfresh Import', an import and export company working with China. She successfully sold her company at the age of 30.

At the present time, Anthony Dechamps and Aurian de Potter are 24. Following the writing of their own final thesis in Software Engeneering at the UCL, they created 'MyPrest', an online software dedicated to performance management and billing,

Driven by their shared passion for entrepreneurship, Delphine, Anthony and Aurian created this business matchmaking platform to help you make your own entrepreneurial dream come true.


Wixly is a young Startup, your feedback is welcome

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